Tashi Norbu

Tashi Norbu is a Tibetan contemporary artist who completed his studies in art at the Saint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Norbu's art showcases a combination of Tibet and Buddhism as well as various forms of western art influences.


Tsering Pelmo

Tsering Pelmo is a graduate of Tibetan Institute of performing arts, a prestigious Tibetan school of traditional performing art and music in India. Her debut performance as a child artist in Tibetan Opera won her career success as an artist and since then she is greatly known for her excellent achievement in music and art. Tsering travelled extensively with Tibetan Performing Art for many years and took part in various Festivals in Europe, Asia and US. Currently Tsering resides in Bay Area and works towards mentoring and educating young artists. She also serves as the dance and music instructor to the younger generation of Tibetans in the Bay Area. Preservation and Promotion of Tibet’s rich cultural heritage is Tsering’s ongoing work.

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Tenzin Choegyal

Tenzin Choegyal is a Tibetan artist, composer, activist, musical director and cultural ambassador. His past work includes playing at prestigious events such as WOMAD; Concerts for Tibet House at Carnegie Hall, New York,; musically directing the the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2011 and 2013; as well as writing and performing soundtracks for numerous TV shows, films, and documentaries.


Tsering Youdon

Tsering Youdon, born in India, began her studies of Tibetan art and music at Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts( TIPA) at a very young age. Enrolled to this school of art and music by her mother, Tsering soon developed keen interest in her studies and found a deeper connection to the music of Tibet which lead to earn her degree in Tibetan folk dance, music and Opera. Thereafter, Tsering began her career as an Artist and appeared in major performances lead by Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. Tsering also traveled worldwide with TIPA performing at various festivities and world stage. After leaving India in 1999, Tsering came to the United started and hence worked towards Promotion of Traditional Tibetan art and music in the West.


Tsering Dorjee

Tsering Dorjee (Bawa) is a actor, producer, dancer , and musician who has performed Tibetan Performing arts for about thirty years. He began his journey at TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) in Dharamsala, India. He then proceeded to attend actor training in  Barbizon International School of Acting and modeling. Since then Dorjee has taken part in many notable projects such as the 1999 Oscar nominee film Himalaya, the soundtrack for 2009 Emmy award winning documentary The Woman of Tibet-A Quiet Revolution, as well as an off-broadway show The Oldest Boy.

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Sonam Phuntsok

Sonam Phuntsok is born in India and began his studies in Tibetan performing arts and music at a very young age at Tibetan Insititute of Performing arts, India. During his course of studies, he found profound interest in Tibetan Opera and studied under one of the few living masters of Tibetan Opera. After completing his studies in Tibetan art and music, he continued his studies of Tibetan Opera and is highly recognized as one of the finest Opera singer. Mr. Sonam appeared in many Tibetan Opera performances as the lead cast and toured extensively with Tibetan Insititute of Performing arts around the globe.
In 1998, Mr Sonam was appointed the successor to the living masters of Tibetan Opera and he over saw all the major opera performances including the week long Opera festivals in India. As the new Opera master for Tibetan Insititute of Performing arts he taught for many years.
Presently Mr. Sonam resides in Bay area and continues to share his knowlege. His most recent work includes performance of Tibetan Opera SUKYI NYIMA in the bay area which he directed. Mr. Sonam continues to work towards preservation of Tibetan art, specifically of Tibetan Opera.


Sand Mandalas Construction

Sand Mandalas are a Tibetan Buddhist tradition made of coloured sand. Depending on the size of the Mandala, the creation will typically take days to even weeks. After being fully constructed, it will be dismantled which symbolizes the Buddhist belief of impermanence.


Lhakyi Dolma

Lhakyi Dolma is a graduate of TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) where she studied Tibetan folk music, dance, and opera. Lhakyi toured extensively with Tibetan Insititute of performing arts around the world on various world stages. After coming to the US, she taught Tibetan music, dance to Tibetan children growing up in the US. Lhakyi also has performed at various festivals with Chaksampa ( Tibetan dance and Opera company) in the US. Lhakyi continues to work towards preservation and promotion of rich Tibetan culture.


Tenzin Choedup

Tenzin Choedup is a graduate from TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) where he studied Tibetan folk music, dance, and opera. Choedup has now taken on the responsibility of teaching Tibetan lute and music to young Tibetan children growing up in the US, preserving the culture through the future generation.